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Tucson Computer Service & Computer Repair by After Hour Answers

Located in Tucson, Arizona, After Hour Answers is an evening and weekend computer service and computer repair company. We provide high quality technical service and support for residential clients, as well as small businesses.

Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations by offering outstanding
customer satisfaction, increased flexibility, and an overall greater value.

Customer Satisfaction

With many years experience in the industry, we ensure that our clients receive the most effective, professional and courteous customer care.

Increased Flexibility

We offer on-site, pick up & delivery, and remote computer repair, when possible. After discussing the computer issue, we can determine the best suited option.

Greater Value

We do not over-inflate our bottom line, we do not charge extra for hardware installs and virus scans, and we will not require additonal payment for an on-site visit in the metro Tucson area.

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"I used After Hours Answers after my computer was running slow. They were a great help! They said, that I got the award for most viruses on my computer in their career at...  [Read More]

News & Information

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